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FMC-S Released - Theme #4

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Posted on July 19th 2018, 12:30 am

Hello Dear Users!

Having a good design improves user experience, behavior and attitude while browsing a site. This should be a factor that must be considered by forum owners when creating their forums. Each of these are crafted from scratch to provide you the best designs. So today, I am releasing a new theme called "Senti" to give you more selections. :)

Buy me some coffee! Support me:  Wub
- BTC: 381nuhaKyRLK66UaL9Xca4w1viduKgeiM4
- BCH: pq4yy75ztllwzk2zl5323n4qu2wu5xg7ygklj5vajk

EDIT: (7/22/2018) Senti theme is now out!
Download: Mediafire

Test it here:
Username: User
Password: user123

FMC-S Released - Theme #4 Previe10
FMC-S Released - Theme #4 22210
FMC-S Released - Theme #4 33310

Notes / Instructions: (Make sure to follow this steps)
1.) To install, first go to Admin CP > Display > Skins > Skin Management > Import the skin then upload the .bbtheme file, then copy and paste all the templates and javascript codes.

2.) Make sure that the Advance Profile is deactivated to have the same style of the user's profile. Turn it off by navigating Admin CP > Users and Groups > Users > Profiles > General Options:
- Activate advanced profile: Set to NO

3.) Turn on the forum widgets to activate the recent topics widget. Go to Admin CP > Portal and Widgets > Forum Widgets Management:
- Display forum widgets: Set to YES, then drag the "Recent Topics" (to the right side) under the Existing Widgets
- Width column 3 (right): 310px

4.) To display the avatar on the column "Last post", go to Admin CP > Display > Homepage > Structure and Hierarchy > Scroll down til you see "Hierarchy" > Show avatars in the column "Last posts" :
- Set to YES

5.) Go to ACP > Modules > Portal and Widgets > Forum widgets management > Click the Modify (Recent Topics) > Activate the topics scrolling:
- Set to NO

6.) Go to ACP > User and Groups > Users > Profiles > Profile Fields > FMC-S Released - Theme #4 Asdsa10 Modify:
- Change "Humor" to "About Me"
- Change "Comments" to "Status"

7.) Turn on the toolbar. Go to ACP > Modules > Toolbar > Configuration:
- Activate the Toolbar: Set to YES

If you found some bugs or have any request, feel free to message me, reply in this topic or add me on Discord: Addwater#6770.

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Posted on August 5th 2018, 2:43 am

Seems awesome Buddy.

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