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General Rules
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, 04-21-2013
FM-Coding Support is here to help you regarding your problems. Thus, as our members asking question, there are some rules that you must follow in order to maintain the forum's cleanliness and for you to feel comfortable.

1. Before asking questions, make sure you browse each of the support category's archive section, as your questions may be solve already.

2. Topic titles must be in a valid form (the title must be specified with the problem, don't use how to fix this, sos, need asap, etc)

3. Double posting is probihited, unless 24-hours had already passed.

4. Use of colors, font size and other fonts is not allowed for members, this is to maintain the cleanliness on every topic.

5. Support via Private Message is probihited.

Note: Keep on doing those things against the rules, and you will receive warnings, worst, forum ban. We just want to run this forum smooth. So follow this simple rules. :):
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