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Rules for Requesting Graphics

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Posted on April 15th 2013, 2:51 am

Requesting Template:

Creation Type: Banner, Logo, Ranks etc.
Size in Pixels: 200x200 etc.
Colors: Green etc.
Images to include: link here
Font: Verdana, Impact etc.
Font Color: Red etc.
My forum: Only ForuMotion forums
Username on my forum: Admin etc.
Extra comments: If you want to add something

[b][color=darkred]Creation Type:[/color]
[color=olive]Size in Pixels:[/color]
[color=olive]Images to include:[/color]
[color=olive]Font Color:[/color]
[color=darkred]My forum:[/color]
[color=olive]Username on my forum:[/color]
[color=darkred]Extra comments:[/color][/b]

Please read the general rules of Graphic Section here

Thank you,
Graphic Designers

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