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We are now hiring staff!
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, 04-12-2013

We are glad to announce that FM-Coding Support, is now officially open. Now we are in need of staff that will help the forum run smoothly and clean.

This are the following group we are in need:

1. Support Moderator (3)
- Their main-role is to provide you, our members, a support and assistance (codes, etc). All of your questions will be answered by them. They are also in-charge of running and keeping the forum clean.

2. Graphic Designers (1)
- They are in charge of creating graphics/picture for your forum. Banner, buttons, ranks and other images.

3. Reviewers (2)
- Our reviewers are here to create reviews to your forum. This reviews might help and provide you tips and ways to improve your forum.

If you're interested, then fill up the following and message me (Private Message):

Name: (Full name)
Group: (Group you want to apply)
Experience: (Do you have experience with the group you want to apply with?)
Why should we hire you?: (Answer this with honesty)
Number of hours online: (How many hours you're surfing/playing computer; we are in-need of staff that will always visit the forum for us to help those people in-need of assistance)

Goodluck! :P
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on June 18th 2013, 8:20 pm

We need more staff for us to help our growing-community!
I need 3 Support Moderators and 1 Graphic Designer to join our staff team! Thank you! Happy

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